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Established Retailers and Reps for SPL-Lab USA.


Wireless Bluetooth Meter sold in group buy for the first time.

SPL-Lab develops the USB Noise Meter, low cost solution, for RTA use without the steep price.

SPL-Lab now offers Carrying Cases for all of our products. Carrying Cases are optional.

SPL-Lab develops the RTA Pro for professional use.

SPL-Lab develops the USB SQL Meter, a custom meter used for LouD Games League.

SPL-Lab Leagues

Find a league that has chosen SPL-Lab as their official choice for measuring pressure!

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We are now setup to serve you better by having Representatives placed in many states around the USA to better help serve you quicker than ever before.
Your local state Rep is there for handling sales and quick help that you may have.

To find a rep in your area, log onto our Message Board and choose your state. Each State that has a Rep has their own forum to serve you!
Test Tones and Sweeps

We Provide one of the largest collection of Audio Test Tracks on the internet.
We created all of these tracks ourselves and offer them to our customers for FREE!

0 dB Test Tones
1Hz-70Hz | 70Hz-2KHz | 2KHz-10.5KHz |
10.5KHz-16KHz | 16KHz-19.5KHz |
19.5KHz-20.5KHz | 20.5KHz-21.3KHz

Sweeps -3dB\0dB
20-100Hz (1m 21s) 100Hz-5KHz (5m 0s) 1KHz-20KHz (5m 0s) (0dB-)20-40Hz (0m 42s) (0dB-)40-80Hz (1m 22s)

Ultimate Staging Track - 1Hz-20KHz (17m 0s)
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